March 27, 2012

Handmade Cloud Pillows / Cushions

I made some cloud pillows with my own free pattern I used for Josiah's fabric wall decals!  I used a spotty cotton fabric from Spotlight, the blue in the bottom photo is closer to the true colour.

The bigger pillow (back) holds a better shape, true to the original cloud shape. Josiah enjoyed throwing them out of his cot continually!!  He is almost due for a big bed and is coming up to two in May, where did that time go?

We finally went and checked out Costco which is fairly new to Canberra.  I've wanted a globe for the kids for a while and they needed a night light, so when I spotted this globe/night light - I grabbed it.  They fight over who turns it on at night.


Ellie Moore said...

These look great, might have a go at something like this.

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Yana said...

he looks pretty happy with his new pillows!!! that light globe is just perfect!!