February 14, 2012

Triangle Patchwork Cushion

Inspired by this quilt I made a new cushion cover for the lounge.  In my current favourite fabric from Lotta Jansdotter's Echo line, mixed with linen and linen blend.  I am not a precise measure-it-all-out girl, so we will call this: Improv triangles :-)  I've almost made a couple of pinwheels and zig zag's.

I didn't have any invisible zips left so I just made an envelope back.  Nice to have some colour on the lounge.  I bought my Lotta fabric direct from her website as it was the cheapest but for the local Canberran's I have it on good authority it is currently in transit on it's way to Addicted to Fabric.


Yana said...

that is gorgeous! triangles are hard, but you did a fantastic job!! :) xx

gret said...

LOVE. Loving triangles right now.