February 17, 2012

Books for my Reading List

I will be buying this book, yes ma'am.  Although I do have a rough idea of how it will go...  Food is such an event to the French that they turn the whole process into an experience... children help shop, prepare and cook - yadda, yadda.  Although I do want to hear all the yadda-yadda... I will take any help I can get with my number one fussy eater.  We don't snack at our place though, so maybe I have a head start.

Bringing up Bebe sounds like another good read.  My friend passed on this article in the wall street journal by former Wall Street Journalist turned Author, Pamela Druckerman.  I was practicing my French today - my firm "non"!  Enjoy your weekend!


Yana said...

both books look good. let me know what you think once you've read them :) xx

gret said...

I like the look of these. Would love to hear how they read. If only I had a good library close by.