July 26, 2011

Brisbane Photographer - You Can't Be Serious

You can't be serious is the talent behind these photos I found last week - I laughed so much at the bear photos, they made my day (it was a particularly challenging one)! This couple make really cute bears!

Hailey and her husband Andrew communicate a story through their photos and really capture the essence of the event. They shoot weddings, special occasions, bands, family portraits etc. I LOVE this Christmas card... some tips on how to make these huge heads in this post.

The talent doesn't stop there... Hailey is making a cool documentary with her Mother, Toni Powell called the 365grateful - A documentary about the extraordinary power of gratitude. Based on a photography project Hailey completed in 2008. I truly applaud the idea.

I would like to start a grateful journal at home, maybe one we can draw/write/photograph things we are grateful for! What a wonderful trait to seed in your children. Even though we give thanks at night for things we are grateful for with Anya & Josiah - I believe intentional activities, (like keeping a journal) cement the process. I took the 'no complaining ' pact with Jo a while back for a week and it was wonderful... now to couple both these ideas and make them a daily part of our life...

All photos used with permission courtesy of You Can't Be Serious