January 10, 2011

Wall Sticker Company supporting Aussie artists

Kristin Doran has designed some cool decals for the Wall Sticker Company - aren't they fabulous. There are also babushka's and a Russian Caravan - pop over and see the range.

Also our very clever (local girl) Claire of Schmooks has designed a new range -I'm not sure if they are available on WSC just yet but keep an eye out! See more of Claire's range in her facebook album.


The Wall Sticker Company said...

Hi, Jen from The Wall Sticker Company here!
Yes, Claire's Schmooks wall stickers are available from www.thewallstickercompany.com.au.
We're very interested in hearing from new designers too. It's a great way to try out your designs in a new medium, and get some press and retail exposure, and our customers love fresh ideas!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love Claire, yippee!! Something to match all the other bits & pieces i have from Schmooks. Kristen Doran, say no more, LOVE her!! Love Posie