December 18, 2009

Posie Patchwork Pencil Roll - product review

Jen from Posie Patchwork gave Anya the most delightful pencil roll for her 2nd birthday. Anya absolutely loves it! She loves putting the pencils back in the 'right place' - which is their colour co-ordinated compartments. She loves to draw and takes special care with these pencils which are also lovely thick and easy to hold for children. A really unique birthday or Christmas gift for someone you love.


gret said...

Looks great - I am making a crayon roll for Ellie for Christmas from Joelle Hoeverson's book! I hope she is as careful as Anya, but somehow I think not. x

Yana said...

what a lovely gift! i've seen them before and whoever came up with that idea is very clever :)

posiepatchwork said...

Thanks so much for the promotion Ros, you're a gem!! It was in the theme of 'spots & dots' as per Anya's birthday party, just in case anyone looking closely thought i might be obsessed with round patterns, it's actually Ros!!
My mother used to make these for my brothers, sister & i when we were little so it's an age old design, just in incredibly gorgeous reproduction fabrics in ace colours!! I'm doing knitting needle versions for the upcoming season of all things woolly, hard to think about when it's soooooo hot right now.
Thanks again, love Posie