November 3, 2009

Easy Christmas decorations / gifts...

I made these stars on Saturday when my girl slept - a mummy only project :-) They were super easy, definitely a craft to do with kids but I wanted some creative therapy all to myself for this one. The longest part was waiting 24hrs for the clay to dry and turn white.

  • Air dry clay - Bunnings (Hardware store)
  • Star cookie cutters - Spotlight (sewing store)
  • Stamp set - Lincraft (sewing store)
  • Skewer - kitchen drawer :-)
  • Rolling pin
I rolled the clay with Anya's plastic playdough rolling pin - approx 3mm, cut out shapes, imprinted stamp design, engraved my initials and the year on the back and finally poked a hole through the top so I can thread ribbon through to hang, once they have dried.


gret said...

They look awesome. But I chuckled when I saw it, because great minds think alike. I am working on some Christmas tutorials at the moment too, and would you believe am posting one today! Ha ha. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea!! Think I will make some for presents!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! What a great idea! My girl would love to make them. Maybe something the kids and I can do together in those couple of days between school finishing and
Santa coming.

Yana said...

ohh.. i love those!!! if i get some spare time i would love to make these for my tree!!! :D

Market Girl said...

Your a clever thing, they are lovely!
Are some coming to Handmade?
They would be a big hit.....