August 21, 2009

Friday favourites - Butterfly Chandelier

This gorgeous, uplifting butterfly chandelier from Lladro is worth a mint (just under $100,000k) but it sure is pretty!!! Found on a charming blog called Something Old - Something New and came to me via Marketgirl, I had to share it with you!

What a funny old week it has been, we had Mummy melt-downs, sml child melt-downs, great days, sucky days and a house guest who got the fright of her life when met in the hallway at 3am one morning by my hubby, wielding his hockey stick! Since the Mothers Day incident - all house guests are warned quite seriously to turn the light on when making any trips to the restroom or kitchen! Fortunately is was Gordon's cousin and she spoke up rather quickly... I lay away for some time, giggling every time I thought about it! Could have been disastrous... have a great and SAFE weekend.


Rockstars and Royalty said...

That chandelier is beautiful :)