July 22, 2009

My lastest flower

I spent last night running around to and from the hospital instead of writing and sewing as I had intended. My poor hubby did his leg some damage in a sporting accident in his lunch hour. Thank goodness for lovely neighbours, one of mine came to mind Anya while I went to pick him up last night. Nothing is broken but he is on crutches and has badly bruised some muscle.....in the meantime I wanted to share the flower I made yesterday in Anya's sleep time! It took 1.5hours to make! It's about the size of a mobile phone, fits in the palm of my hand - but pretty don't you think? I think it would make a lovely hairpin, hairband, brooch, velvet ribbon belt accessory etc... It's made from pale pink crystal organza.


Yana said...

that is plain GORGEOUS! love that flower!! it would go as any hair accessory. could you teach me how to make one?? a tutorial maybe? ;)