July 8, 2009

Moda & Amy Butler fabric

Last Friday I went to the Addicted to Fabric bag lady sale! It was 25% off if you are on their mailing list and then the sale continues over the weekend for 20% off all fabrics. How excited was I to get there and grab a bargain. It was still not cheap for 4m of fabric but all for a good cause - my sewing projects!! I had budgeted for it too (which makes our finance minister, aka husband - happy). The Moda fabric up top will be a skirt for me, using the Amy Butler A-line Barcelona skirt pattern and the Amy Butler fabric will be either a few cushions or the beautiful Gum drop pillow! Can't wait to get started.


~ Kim ~ said...

Can't wait to see the skirt. I have that pattern. The fabric is just lovely.

gret said...

Ooooh. I LOVE that first fabric. Yummy!!!