June 3, 2014

Anna Karenina Millinery

The costumes in Tolstoy's, Anna Karenina were truly stunning, created by award winning designer, Jacqueline Durran.  The theatrics of the movie was fabulous, the story line not so much - so I focused on the beautiful pieces of art worn throughout.  
Apparently the millinery was done by elusive milliner, Sean Barrett. 
Via Vogue
When I did my millinery workshop with Julie Fleming in Melbourne, I got to see some gorgeous vintage veiling up close and it is so much softer and finer than the veiling available these days.  There was a heavy use of veiling throughout the movie and I was drooling over nearly every piece.  
There is a more in depth post on this blog covering more of the fashion from the movie.  Which was your favourite outfit or hat?