September 2, 2013

Sew Inspired: Salme and Grainline Patterns

Over the weekend I purchased a few sewing patterns from Salme and Grainline Studio.  Sewing for myself tends to take a back seat over winter but there is something about the warming weather that makes me want to whip out that sewing machine :)
Thank goodness for designers like the abovementioned who give us modern patterns to be able to sew some decent clothes so we don't have to trawl through those horrid pattern books in chain fabric stores.  
Sometimes you have to use your imagination as to how great these will look in the right fabric that is more you, rather than the model photo - it's a bit bland for broad appeal.  I might be channeling my inner Nina for this jacket.  I love Pinterest.... a great place to plan sewing projects and and find colour combinations that I may not have thought of.  
Pinterest and sewing blogs are great places for getting a feel of how the pattern looks on everyday people and seeing the tweaks they have made.  Then I browse through CR, Anthro and other designers for inspiration... if I can make at least three tops in the next couple of months I will be happy!!    
I love this breezy top from Anthropology, hopefully the scout tee might work for this or the Kimono top with modified sleeves.