November 20, 2012

Girl's Party Decorations

For Anya's actual birthday party way back when, we made some simple decorations together including these cupcake (patty cake liner) garlands.  I have made things in the past which are usually "look, don't touch" - or I throw a few supplies Anya's way to play with and distract from my mission. Pretty boring for a small child eager to get her hands on anything...
We sat on the grass one morning and painted lots of cheap white cupcake wrappers, it was a nice calming activity.  Josiah painted three then got bored!  We left them on the grass to dry then strung them onto bakers twine with a few scraps of crepe paper in between for extra colour.
The number five was made from dyed coffee filters, again a project we did together.  I did all the hot gluing at night though.  I cut the number from foam core... it is such a great product!

We made a fabric strip chandelier to hang above the tea party table!  Just strips of scrap fabric tied to an embroidery hoop which I had covered for another project.
Anya had seen these at another party and was desperate to have them at hers.  They were a sugar coma waiting to happen but cute all the same.   Made from tick tock biscuits, white chocolate melted to 'glue' them all together, Pascall marshmellow cup base, Allens freckle lolly on top, and a musk life saver lolly cut in half as the handle.

 We made some flowers to sit on the table with crepe paper, patty liner and a braid to keep together.

Finally, another purple birthday cake!  Good old Betty Crocker icing on this one.  You can just see some fun fairy bread in front of Anya - found that idea on Pinterest, a nice change from the regular fairy bread.  Little brother not looking too impressed :-)  We didn't do gift bags either, just a little chinese container filled with left over tea cups and meringues!  It feels forever ago but it was a fun morning for miss five.