September 3, 2012

Fathers Day Craft

Concentrating hard here on painting between the lines of masking tape!  We were inspired by Mer Mag's geometric artwork for Gap Kids and made our own version for Fathers Day.  Thanks for the great idea Merrilee.

Anya's favourite part was peeling off the masking tape once it was finished.  Josiah got to paint two triangles under strict supervision!
You get the gist of the finished product!  I'll photograph it once it is on the wall.  It's for Gordon's home office.  I gave Anya free choice of colour with all the paints I had - I probably should have limited the choice with colours that went together better.  Our tape did bleed too, so I would recommend using proper painters tape or possibly two layers of masking tape? 
Anya really enjoyed this project and kept the surprise beautifully.  She was most excited to give Gordon the crafts she had made including these cake / card sticks :-)