June 18, 2008


I have started looking at things with different glasses on. I look for inspiration in children's books, advertising graphics/animations, motifs and details on Anya's clothes. Gordon loves to think of ideas for me too - he gets into it with as much enthusiasm as I do. Supportive man!

Felt is so easy to work with - I love that the edges don't fray!!!!!!!

I have almost finished my 3rd book. I am waiting for confirmation on the spelling of the recipient's name. I tried something different for this book, as her name was too long for felt. I chain stitched it, thanks to U-tube. Oh and I also sold another mobile for a baby girl. It was much the same as the first one except I used ribbon to hang the flowers not thread. I think I prefer the thread - it is slightly more whimsical and floaty.

I think the new style worked well leaving an allowance for the spine. I have done a cardboard template so it should be more efficient from here on in.

Now when I look back at the original book, I think, how basic it is, but it is also cool to see how much the idea has improved already.