January 16, 2012

Up-cycled Lampshade to Decorative Children's Mobile

I finished another little project in Anya's room which was her mobile re-model!  We thrifted a lampshade from Tiny's shed (if you are local and haven't been it has the best stuff)!  This is the before shot below. 

This is a nice simple project, just strip off the existing lampshade cover, then I washed the wire base and when it was dry I cut thin strips of fabric and wrapped them around the wire.  It helps to have some double sided tape to hold the start and finish of the fabric.  I need to tie some cotton to a few loose pieces.

Doesn't the shade have a lovely shape?  It was also a great place for the sweetest little bird in Canberra....

The butterflies on the wall are fabric decals I made myself, like my clouds a while back.  I am un-decided if I will hang anything from the lampshade - it is supposed to be a mobile after all but for now, I like it how it is.  I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Yana said...

that looks great! awesome find, love the shape of it! and the birdie looks so cute sitting there :)