April 8, 2009

FREE bunting template and tutorial

The bunting template I made is ridiculously easy I know but now you have an extra 5-10 minutes to enjoy a coffee or flick through your favourite magazine instead of deciding on what measurements to use! Of course, do whatever works for you but I liked the dimensions of the smaller triangle shown.


  • 5m of 1 inch wide bias tape (buying off the roll is cheaper)
  • 1m fabric (I used 3 different types of cotton)
  • cotton thread
  • Cardboard for template
  • Download template PDF


  • Tailors chalk
  • Rotary cutter
  • cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins

Step 1

Cut out preferred triangle/flag size, trace and transfer to heavy cardboard, cut out.

Step 2

Mark 36 single triangles or 18 double sided triangles with tailors chalk onto your fabric.

Step 3

Cut out triangles with rotary cutter on your mat (there are plenty of video's on U-Tube re: using a rotary cutter if you are a virgin user).

Step 4

Lay out your triangles, working out your pattern if you are using more than one pattern / colour material.

Step 5

Match wrong sides together and sew down both left and right sides of your triangles (making them double-sided). I did a simple zig zag down both 26cm sides and left the 19cm top-stitched. (You could also cut them out with pinking shears at step 3 and straight stitch down the sides instead).

Step 6

Lay out your 5m of bias tape, finding the middle and marking it with tailors chalk or a pin.

Step 7

Working from the middle of the bias tape out to the ends, space your triangles approx 4.5cm apart folding the bias tape in half to secure the 19cm edge of the triangle in the tape and pin (the point of the triangle being opposite to the bias tape). I left 45cm at both ends for ties.

Step 8

Sew the triangles into the folded bias tape using a simple straight stitch or get all fancy. FINISHED - hang and admire your handiwork!
Variations - sew/applique letters onto your triangles for kids door signs or happy birthday banners etc..

Ed note:  See an update of this project here.


gret said...

Very cool my dear. I can't believe we were both posting about freebies today...yours much more original than mine though! I've blogged you so hopefully some more traffic to you! Looks great. x

Jane Elise said...

I'm actually going to do this! Wish me luck!

Rosalind said...


nattyj said...

Wonderful! So glad I found this tutorial - I have to get making some bunting for my son's 1st Birthday! YAY!

Sandy said...

What joy - to find a fabulous tutorial by a local creative girl (well local to Australia, I'm in Noosa). Can't wait to try this out. Love the blog.

eva mei and me said...

Just what I was looking for - thanks for sharing . When I have finished making my bunting I will post a pic so come over to my blog one day and have a look

Might be a couple of weeks away tho!

Felecia Cofield said...

I've been trying to figure out on Microsoft or print workshop how to draw or download a triangle but became frustrated and went to Google. Your sight came up and had this great bunting design! I 'm so excited! I downloaded it and hope to use it soon. Thank you so much!

Marie Williams Johnstone said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial and free bunting templates which I used to make some pretty felt and fabric bunting for my daughter's playroom. Exactly what we needed to cheer it up!

I blogged my photos of this project with a link back to your tutorial here: Butterfly Bunting

sqrllie14 said...

Just wondering if anyone has tried using hessian/jute material and any tips for cutting (scissors vs mat and roller) and to sew or not to sew. I was going to hot glue them to some twine as well... If I don't hear from anyone I'll let you know how it goes. Doing it for my gal's 1st in a fortnight so I better get a move on! cheers, t.

Rosalind said...

@Sqrllie14 I haven't made it with this fabric but I imagine you could just cut a triangle at the widest point on a fold so you can just fold them in half over the twine? then you could glue or sew. I would be careful hot gluing as it might seep through the holes in the jute?!

Unknown said...

I padded my bunting


Unknown said...
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Maria said...

I bookmarked this post a while ago and for the last day or so I've been making birthday bunting for my great niece's 3rd birthday. It's taken a little while because I have appliqu├ęd 'Happy Birthday Lucy' by hand! Thank you for the pattern and tute!

Unknown said...


Thank you for your free bunting template. It seemed to be the only one I could find quickly that printed on one page and not over two.

Need to get this up by tomorrow. Ahhhh!